Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Destination Finder

Still having a hard time finding a place to fly??

Destination Finder is the best little FREE program I have found. You can plug in an airport ICAO and tell it you want to fly 150 miles and it will go out and find all the airports within that radius.

There is a version 1.1 for FS9 that can find water airports or version 2.0 is for FS9 and FSX but does not find water landing airports.

Version 2.0 is at http://www.flightsim.com The name of the file is destfn20.zip Be sure to read the Readme file because this program can do a lot of things to help you in finding a flight and don't forget to thank Martin Gleeson at masala@blueyonder.co.uk for writing this great little program.

Version 1.1 is at http://www.avsim.com and the file is called destination_finder_for_fs9_v1.1.zip You can run both on your computer at the same time....V 2.0 is not an upgrade for V 1.1.

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Tim Baldric said...

many thanks from germany for this great programm! :)